IRS의 감사를 받게 하는 두 가지 공제

Picture Source: Taking These 2 Deductions Could Get You Audited by the IRS, Experts Warn (

한 줄 요약: Home office deduction과 auto expense deduction이 과다할 경우 IRS의 감사를 받을 확률이 매우 높아지지만, 확실한 근거가 있다면 청구하라!

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is expecting to receive millions of tax returns during the 2022 tax season. And with budget cuts, staffing shortages, and ongoing pandemic problems, the agency doesn't have the time or resources to thoroughly examine everyone's returns. But that doesn't mean you're not in any danger of getting audited. According to Jackson Hewitt, more than 771,000 individuals were audited by the IRS in 2019. And experts warn that if you claim two specific deductions on your return, you might be opening yourself up to more scrutiny from the tax agency. Read on to find out